We believe that the world is an interconnected system. This is the basis of Comprehensive Education and our guide towards a new global educational approach. We follow our own WestH i-Framework which consists of INTEGRITY, EMOTIONAL CONNECTION, SKILLS, TRUE POTENTIAL, HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS AND CRITICAL THINKING.

West Heights is in a new, modern campus designed for learning and developing sports, cultural, technological and science skills where students will feel happy.

West Heights está en un campus nuevo, moderno y diseñado para el aprendizaje y desarrollo de habilidades deportivas, culturales, tecnológicas y en ciencias en donde los estudiantes se sentirán contentos.

High academic level

Top academic level school with a campus designed according to the needs of students.

Educational vanguard

West Heights is in a new, modern campus designed for learning and developing sports, cultural, technological and science skills where students will feel happy. The independent buildings by academic grade, the extensive sports areas and the auditorium guarantee an academically solid and balanced education with sports, science and technology and cultural activities.

Teaching staff

Our teachers are educational professionals, specialized in their area and have international certification as English teachers.


We promote the development of critical and innovative thinkers with a global mindset and the desire to have meaningful and continuous learning through a comprehensive educational program that actively involves students, teachers, parents and the community.


To be the model institution in comprehensive education and technological innovation and encourage each student to reach their true potential in a rapidly changing world.


Lifelong learners

West Heights International School inspires students to acquire the desire to learn continuously and to understand that this motivation is always intrinsic. Through a comprehensively focused curriculum, students develop life skills that can be transferred to their daily lives.


Critical & Innovative thinkers

Our academic programs at West Heights are focused on developing our students’ critical thinking. They learn to use technology as a tool to innovate and create projects and activities that facilitate meaningful learning. They are capable of evaluating information, reflecting on experiences, communication and observation to make responsible decisions.

Globally minded

At West Heights International School we encourage global mindset because we believe that being open helps develop resilience. Having a Global Mindset is pursuing your own ideals with a positive attitude, it is a way of thinking and being. It is also accepting the way of thinking of others and having the ability to do and build on it.








Quality Policy

We are a bicultural educational institution of high academic level that provides comprehensive and character training – We achieve this through the fulfillment of cutting-edge programs, the use of technology, offering warm and friendly treatment, establishing quality objectives in the processes and taking into consideration our interaction with internal and external stakeholders, always seeking continuous improvement.

Customer satisfaction:

-Warm and friendly treatment and open door policy.

-High level of English

-Character Training Program.

-Integral education.

-International academic programs.

-Application of technology in education through our infrastructure.

-High-level and highly trained teaching staff.


A Warrior is a warrior, a fighter who sees opportunities as challenges and is brave in the face of the challenges that are presented to him. They are committed people, who take responsibility for their actions and fight for their ideals.

We want our students to be visionaries and live the spirit of being a Warrior.

Go Warriors!