We foster global minds, lifelong learners and critical and innovative thinkers through an integral program that actively engages students, teachers, parents and the community.


West Heights International School inspires students to become Lifelong Learners by helping them acquire the desire to learn and understand. This motivation comes from within. Through a curriculum with an integral approach, students develop autonomy and self-determination, life skills that can be transferred to their daily life.

At West Heights we focus our programs on developing critical thinking where students use technology as a tool and are able to make responsible decisions generated after evaluating information, reflection, experiences, communication and observation.

At West Heights International School we foster global mindedness because we believe it opens children's minds and hearts and helps them have a true connection with their inner-self and with others. Globally Minded is to stay true to one`s ideals and pursue them with a positive attitude, it is a way of thinking and being. It is also, accepting other ways of thinking and doing and building upon it.


To set the standards of innovative and integral education and empower every student to reach his true potential in a rapidly changing world.



We are a bicultural educational institution with a high academic level that offers a comprehensive and character education. We accomplish this through the fulfillment of avant-grade programmes, the use of technology, in a warm and kind environment, setting quality objectives in processes and taking into consideration our interaction with both internal and external stakeholders, always striving for continuous improvement.

Client satisfaction
Warm and kind communication as well as open door policy
English proficiency level and character formation.
Comprehensive education
International academic programs
Implementation of technology for education through our infrastructure.
Highly trained and top level teachers.


A warrior is a fighter, a person who sees opportunities as challenges and faces them with courage. Warriors are committed people, who take responsibility for their actions and fight for their ideals.

We want our students to be visionaries and live the spirit of being a Warrior.
Go Warriors!