Knitting for Love
15 noviembre, 2019
Comprometidos con la Mejora Continua
21 noviembre, 2019

by Ms. Ana Karen Olvera

Our Technology Program at West Heights International School is an integral part of the whole school curriculum. It provides wonderful opportunities for students to further develop their skills and interests. We constantly empower our students to innovate, create, explore, observe, investigate, and solve problems. As an Apple Distinguished School, we are launching our #EveryoneCanCreate program where we invite learners to use technology as a tool for creating. This week, students investigated and learned about Vincent Van Gogh and re-created one of his artworks using the Keynote App; which allows them to draw an image of their choice. In this project, we embedded our STEAM standard for Art through experiences, imagination, essential elements, and organizational principles in order to achieve a desired effect when creating, presenting, and/or performing works of art.  

During the whole process, our kids had the opportunity to share their thoughts and perspectives of what they were doing. They were curious about the artist and used their inquiry skills to find out more about him. We really enjoyed all their questions during the process of the project.

I’m eager to see their reactions in future projects as we advance in our #EveryoneCanCreate program!  #AppleDistinguishedSchools